Patching VMware vCSA 6.7 via Command Line

Don’t you just love it when something fails with an absolutely useless error message? Routine patching of a vCSA a while back (alright, two years back. Sometimes these things end up on the back burner!) landed me here-

Error in method checksum verification failed.

Ah yes, the pesky old method invocation failure…

Logs turned up little to nothing useful, but I did find a solution- patching via CLI.

SSH to the vCSA.

For routine patching from the internet this simple one liner will do the trick-

software-packages install --url --acceptEulas

Reboot to finish up-

shutdown reboot --reason patching

Such success. Many amaze.

By default, VMware repositories will be used. Simply add the desired url after the --url flag to specify custom repositories.

Omit the --acceptEulas flag if you’d like some bedtime reading.

For offline updates, replace the --url flag with --iso

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