So who am I?

I’m Jonny; a 20 (bugger) 30-something sysadmin with a hands on side. I studied computing at Queen’s University Belfast and currently work as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer for Smarsh.

Over the past few years I’ve gone from borderline computer illiterate (one of those gamers that thinks that they’re cool) to… well, wherever I am now. I’m the man in charge of a lot more hardware than I probably should be and I love every minute of it.

When I’m not computer-ing, I enjoy winter mountaineering and served as president of QUB Mountaineering Club.

I more regularly enjoy mountain biking, tinkering with unreliable cars and chasing the illusive Aurora Borealis (read: ‘taking photos of clouds at night’- I do live in Northern Ireland after all).

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