Update Ubiquiti EdgeMAX POE Firmware Via CLI

I recently came across a Javascript bug that was preventing firmware updates on the Edgemax POE through the GUI. Updates, therefore need to be completed through the CLI.

The router supports holding two firmware versions at once. This means it can hold a live version and either an new updated version or an older version to roll back to.

SSH to the router with your username and password

ssh [email protected]

Display the current version

show version

Download the required system image (this address can be found on the Ubiquiti site) this address is for version 1.5

add system image http://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/edgemax/v1.5.0/ER-e100.v1.5.0.4677648.tar

Select yes when prompted to replace the old version

If all goes well you should see

Upgrade completed

Run the following command to see which firmware versions are stored on the router

show system image

You should see the following text or similar

The system currently has the following image(s) installed:

v1.5.0.4677648.140620.1301 (default boot)
v1.4.1.4648309.140310.1607 (running image)

A reboot is needed to boot default image

The new version will be loaded automatically on reboot

Restart the router


y at the confirm prompt

To rollback to a previous version

Run the following command

set system image default-boot

This will switch to the other firmware version on reboot, regardless of whether it is older or newer. Answer yes when prompted

To delete the non default boot image

delete system image

Happy upgrading!

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