Upgrading from VCSA 6.0 to 6.5 Part 2

This is part three in a four part series on upgrading to vSphere 6.5

You can find the rest of the series here

This section of the tutorial will deal with the post VCSA 6.5 installation migration from VCSA 6.0

First up, we need to enable SSH for the old VCSA head to the web interface, then from the home dashboard, select System Configuration

Select Nodes, the vCenter Server Appliance you wish to migrate from, right click and select Edit Settings…

Voila, enable SSH and continue

At this stage you should also ensure that Fully Automated DRS is not enabled if applicable

Back at our fresh VCSA installation, hopefully part 2 is ready to continue

Confirm deployment settings

A while later I get some self explanatory warnings about some stuff possibly not being compatible

Select how thorough of a migration you require

Customer experience improvement program

And we’re good to go

Some time later…

All done! Please note that the old v6.0 VCSA has been shut down but not deleted.

Check out part 4 of this series for an overview of upgrading ESXi with the new, embedded VMware Update Manager.

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